What We Do

Nutritious meals made in bulk for healthier communities


Mother City Kitchen donates food to organisations in impoverished communities that offer holistic sustainable solutions, as such, much of our work is in early childhood development facilities and schools. Helping children to focus, develop and learn.


We can produce large amounts of soup, at a low cost per unit due to the economy of scale from large industrial cookers in our factory and collaborative efforts.


Our recipes are designed by certified nutritionists and chefs. We add protein & healthy fat supplements to ensure that our soup provides the caloric and nutritional equivalent of a healthy balanced meal. And thanks to our friends at Blue Ribbon, who have donated many thousands of loaves, bread is also provided with each meal. We accept food bound for expiry, donated or at discount. Contact us if you'd like to be a supplier.


With your help, we aim to provide for:

Early Childhood Development Centers and Schools

Healthy nutrition improves every other area of life. You can't teach a hungry child. Help children start their day fed and focused, so they can develop, learn and not go to bed hungry.
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Children's Sports Events

After school activities are important, they help with physical and social development and in communities where the lure of gangs and drugs is so strong, we want to make it possible for youth to be active outside of gangs.
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Difference Maker

One sandwich can make all the difference. Sandwiches delivered to schools and impoverished communities. Bread provided by Blue Ribbon.
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Soup Kitchens

We partner with other organisations in the city who are doing good work and need food supply.

Disaster Relief 24/7

We are prepared to make soup as disasters happen and supply as much food as we can. Shack fires and flooding are regular troubles in some of our communities. Please donate to the disaster fund so we can produce soup at a moments notice.

Disabled Community

We are prepared to supply food to organisations that assist the disabled community.


#FoodforPlastic is a great initiative we hope to implement, that will incentivise cleaner communities and solve a few problems at once. Meal recipients are encouraged to collect waste plastic to hand in at meal stations. Often plastic is dumped, burnt or exchanged for money that can be used to buy drugs. Food for Plastic means people are given the responsibility and dignity of exchanging something for their meal, while improving their environment. Meals won’t be denied to any one, but plastic collection will be promoted. Waste management systems would be provided at schools and environmental education provided too. Find out more. Our large scale soup production also makes for more energy saving.

Meal Stats

With unemployment in 2021 at over 35% and 67% of youth unemployed, there is great need. But change is possible when we come together. Our efficient mass production makes it possible. Any costs saved by our beneficiaries, due to our donations, can be reinvested into their community projects to affect greater change.

Some of our reach in 2022

  • Changes depending on supply and demand
  • Various youth sports events
  • Heideveld Primary
  • Vangaurd Primary
  • Willows Primary
  • Woodlands Primary
  • Welcome Primary
  • Voorspoed Primary
  • Cathkin High
  • About 47 different orgs (changes monthly)
  • A&A Development
  • Steenberg Feeding Project
  • Atlantis Feeding Project
  • Gugaleto C.A.N
  • Healing Broken Hearts Ministry