Our efficient and holistic model ensures even a small donation goes a long way. Being fed is the first step towards meaningful change.

GivenGain Crowd Funding

Make once off or recurring contributions from all over the world or fund raise for us, by doing things you enjoy. All made easy with GivenGain.
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Note* you may notice the different branding on the donate page, that is since we are a sister project to GCU.


Click the QR code bellow for international card or EFT support options. Local bank holders can scan to support or to make recurring contributions using the SnapScan App.

No account creation necessary with Card and EFT options.

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Card Payments

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International support is possible.
Please reference ‘MCK Support’ in your payment.

EFT Banking Details

Great Commission United
Standard Bank
Vangate Mall (025909)
Current Account #: 302674667
Reference: MCK Support

Want to add to the disaster fund?
Please reference ‘Disaster Relief’ in your payment.

How far your support goes:

R50: 1 daily meal for 1 month

R150: 1 daily meal for 3 months

R300: 1 daily meal for 6 months

R600: Daily meals for 1 year

R500 p/m: Cover some delivery costs

R800 p/m: Help cover rent

R1000 p/m: Help with staff costs

R2000 p/m: Cover some utilities costs

Not a simple handout:

Mother City Kitchen is not a simple handout that enables someone to live on the streets.
It’s a piece in a bigger puzzle that aims for holistic solutions. Even a small donation to us will go much further than a handout, which usually doesn’t lead to change or supports an addiction.
We work with other organisations that are addressing the root issues, ensuring students are fed and educated, that school dropouts are given opportunities and generally that the meal support is delivered in the right places.
High unemployment rates in South Africa are a constant issue which isn’t solved by not feeding someone. Many people don’t have the skills to get work, nor the resources to get those skills. They may only earn enough through begging to feed and shelter their family and they feel if they go to a shelter, their kids won’t eat. If we feed people and their children, they will be more free to learn and progress. Everything #startswithameal

Tax rebates and more:

We are a sister project to GCU, a registed NPO & PBO. We are authorised to issue S18A donation certificates for donations made to the Mother City Kitchen project.

Corporate donors can claim tax rebates and socioeconomic development points towards BEE compliance.

  • NPO Reference No. 033-755-NPO
  • PBO Reference No. 930015969
  • Tax Registration No. 9002/011/18/9

Financial Reports:

Mother City Kitchen is a sister project of GCU, which has been in existence since 2001 and is committed to transparency. See our collective annual reports.
Bi-annual management accounts will show separate activities of MCK and GCU.

Some Operating Costs:

Meal costs vary, but have been as low as R1.25 ea in 2021.

Here are some monthly costs:


Operating costs:
(Rent, water, electricity, insurance, fuel, etc)

Staff costs:
(Food prep, drivers, managers, etc)

Factory and distribution infrastructure Investment:
Over R3 million

Are you a Retailer?

We are open to selling a portion of our product commercially. This would help cover our production expenses, ensuring a sustainable supply of food aid.
We are also open to food donations.
Please feel free to contact us.

More ways to Support?

See our volunteer section and share Mother City Kitchen with your community. Can’t afford to donate? Fund-raise for us.

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