Mother City Kitchen supports non-profit organisations in specific impoverished community groups throughout Cape Town, by donating mass produced nutritious soup and other meals.

Early Childhood Development Centers and Schools

Healthy nutrition improves every other area of life. You can't teach a hungry child. Help children start their day fed and focused, so they can develop, learn and not go to bed hungry.
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Children's Sports Events

After school activities are important, they help with physical and social development and in communities where the lure of gangs and drugs is so strong, we want to make it possible for youth to be active outside of gangs.
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Difference Maker

One sandwich can make all the difference. Sandwiches made by volunteers and women in need of employment, with bread provided by Blue Ribbon.
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Soup Kitchens

We partner with other kitchens in the city who are doing good work and need food supply.

Disaster Relief 24/7

We are prepared to make and deliver soup as disasters happen and supply as much food as we can. Shack fires and flooding are regular troubles in some of our communities. Please donate to the disaster fund so we can produce soup at a moments notice.

Disabled Community

We are prepared to supply food to organisations that assist the disabled community.

Our Numbers

Our new factory is able to produce ±4000 litres of soup daily, 60 000 meals each week!
Made possible by sponsors and volunteers. In our first 18 months during COVID-19, we were able to help produce over 5 million meals with Woodstock Brewery.
Meals costed no more than R1.25ea.

Mother Soup current Production Statistics

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333 mℓ Meals weekly

± 60000

333 Mℓ MEALS this Year

± 0

Schools & ECDs

± 0

organisations (Varies)

± 0

Communities (Varies)

Difference maker Peanut butter SANDWICHES

± 0

Current weekly production

± 145206

Year to date

± 25000

Total Since June 2022

± R 0 ea

thanks to Blue Ribbon and Albany bread donations


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Year of 2023

± 0

Year of 2022 From June

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Grand Total Since June 2022

0 Oct 23

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How and Why We Started This Journey

Our Partners

We are so grateful to our generous partners who help make our work possible.